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How can I help my child prevent cavities?

As family dentists, one of our goals is to partner with parents to assist them in protecting their child’s oral health. Many of our daily choices affect your child’s smile, such as their home care routine and diet. Here are the most common ways you can help your child prevent cavities. 

Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene at Home

Practicing good oral hygiene begins even before your baby gets their first tooth. To clean their mouth, gently rub a warm washcloth or wet gauze on their gums to remove bacteria. When their first teeth come in, you can start brushing their teeth with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush.

As they get older, you can use very small amounts of fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth. For parents concerned about using fluoride toothpaste, you can ask your dentist to use xylitol toothpaste instead.

Eat a Balanced Diet 

Helping your child eat a balanced diet and assisting them with brushing and flossing can ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy and bright. Instead of sweets or potato chips, opt for carrot sticks or fresh fruit. 

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

In addition to consistent brushing and flossing, your child must see the dentist to ensure they don’t have cavities or other dental health issues. We recommend seeing children every six months for routine checkups and cleanings by the time they turn one year old.

Please contact us today to schedule your child’s dental visit at Parks Family Dental.  

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